Afraid you will not be able to sell your Portales home because it is haunted? Check out our tips on how to effective sell your Portales home.

Selling a haunted house is a difficult proposition when the ghosts are particularly noisy or violent; many home buyers avoid ghostly atmospheres and prefer the dull life of home or bungalow uninhabited by any kind of spirit. Therefore, fixing up your Haunted-house to sell may involve various preparations to reduce the impact of ghosts, spirits, otherworldly emanations and other supernatural phenomena. Get ready to close that portal or dimension that hides in the closet, switch out the bleeding walls and crazy bathrooms and give the kids back the gravity in their room!

Exorcism is one method of ridding yourself of a supernatural presence in your home, go to your local movie rental machine or online and you will find plenty of DIY Exorcisms with varying success stories. But all agree it is highly recommended that you acquire the help of a “professional” in the exorcism field.

With today’s diversity in religious belief systems a priest from a Christian background may be extremely offensive to a Muslim ghost or vice versa. More importantly, it may not work if the religion doesn’t translate. In the case of an atheist ghost, you may need a copy of Darwin’s “The Origin of Species.”

Don’t give up if exorcism does not work or is not an option, there are other routes for a home seller with an inconvenient spirit. Many spirits are open to communication, but steps may have to be made to accommodate them. Rapping on the walls, table or doors may be the only mode of communication a spirit has and it is imperative to take all necessary steps to aid in their quest.

Try a Séance: Attempt to impress upon the ghost the importance of not creating an uncomfortable atmosphere until the sale is concluded. No more rattling pipes, banging on walls or swarming flies, mention the fact that if the house is not sold quickly, it won’t have access to the easily possessed or precocious children who may move in. Ensure through your contact with the displaced entity that it knows that “pre-approved” does not mean sold and that it is wise to refrain from frightening new owners until it is certain that the house is transferred fully into their possession.

Compromise with the Ghost: Since the entity won’t leave, find people who want to stay in a haunted house for any period of time, all you have to do is put up a website and offer overnight or extended visits at their own risks. There are houses all over the place that lay claim to some sort of haunting, and that means you can usually find someone who may want to go for your vacation. You may even be surprised to find that your haunted house becomes a very lucrative way to take advantage of that pesky ghost once and for all. You can talk with a travel agent for visitors, but you may have the best luck posting online on your. Best end result is you make some money, while annoying the ghosts who may eventually leave.

If the spirit is resistant to all forms of communication and/or exorcism, extreme steps must be taken. If the house is exceptionally well-appointed and in a smallish community with low crime there will usually be no problem finding a couple from the big city seeking a nice house in the suburbs or a bedroom community for their children and dog who have never heard about your haunting from the neighborhood kids. The best thing to do if you do not want to deal with having to sell a haunted house is to check out our Portales homes for sale.

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