With rentals in Clovis and Portales, we are no strangers to working with those who serve in our military to provide both home and apartment rentals. We understand that there are unique circumstances and processes that our military members go through when buying or renting a home near base.

Many of our rentals and homes are located nearby the Cannon Air Force Base, 27th Special Operations Force Support Squadron and US Army National Guard office. We have worked with these bases over the years to provide the highest quality homes to those serving our country.

The process of renting or buying a home while in the military can be complicated. Inexperienced realty agencies or realtors can make that process even more complicated. When you work with Combs’ Properties, you can count on us to make sure you make the best decision. There are certainly different benefits to buying or renting a home, and that conversation needs to occur with an experienced company present. If you are wondering whether or not to buy a house or rent, check out this article that covers the basics.

Buying a home comes with plenty of benefits for anyone. The tax write-offs and investment gains are just a few. For some, moving from base to base frequently makes the process of buying a home very difficult. This is why renting for military members has become a popular option. While you aren’t investing in your home, you get the benefits of a home at a lower cost and lower risk.

If you are looking to buy or rent near your base, you want an experienced company working with you. We have grown to become the largest privately-owned rental agency in Roosevelt and Curry counties because we have shown the people here time and time again that we work to serve them. Reach out to us online or call at 1-800-898-3043