If you are looking for newer construction, luxury, optimal tenant service and a quality living environment, then Combs’ Properties has the rental for you. Combs’ will make sure your specific rental needs are addressed, from number of rooms and privacy options to whole homes and apartments. Simply pick the city, browse the listings and choose how comfortably you want to live with Combs’ Properties.

Clovis Rentals

Living and renting in Clovis is nice because you have the agricultural and small town feel, while at the same time having access to nice shops, restaurants and entertainment. Combs’ Properties has locations throughout Clovis so you can live where you want. With a population over 37,000 and a big impact on early rock music, Clovis is the perfect hybrid of affordable living and relaxation.

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Portales Rentals

Often referred to as the “City of Porches,” after its Spanish name, Portales has a population over 12,000 and is in the heart of Roosevelt County, New Mexico. People love renting and staying in Portales because of the overall living experience. Combs’ Properties is proud to offer rentals in Portales, which was ranked the 15th in the nation for Quality of Life. Whether you need a luxury home or a quant one-bedroom, Combs’ Properties will make sure all of your living and renting needs are addressed.

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Combs’ Properties employs a full time maintenance staff to service the apartment and home rentals.

Don’t settle; make sure your are renting from the most reliable and largest privately owned rental agency in Roosevelt and Curry Counties—Combs’ Properties.

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