It doesn’t matter the reason you are in town, either way the fact remains, you need a place to stay. Due to a lack of better options, business professionals, students and travelers have traditionally used hotels as their home away from home. Now, however, where you rest when you are away can be an actual house.

When looking at a comparison between corporate housing and staying at a hotel, the first thing people want to know about is price. At only $75 per night, the monthly rate for a hotel is $2,250 (not including tax). Corporate housing from Combs’ Properties has an average monthly price of $1,600.

Life is also a lot easier with corporate housing as it is easier to live in a real home setting. The houses offered by Combs’ have full kitchens built in, so if your working late nights or odd hours, you don’t have to worry about finding an open restaurant. You will also save on expenses with the difference between eating out and cooking from your own kitchen being nearly $800 a month.

Corporate housing from Combs’ also means easy laundry access. Save an extra $300 while having fresh and clean clothes when you need them. Local and long distance calls are also free with Combs’ corporate housing.

Another benefit of corporate housing is having the ability to live close to where you need to be. A hotel is in one spot—the homes from Combs’ are throughout Portales so you have easy access to Eastern New Mexico University, Cannon Air Force Base and all the shopping and business areas around town.

Have all the amenities of a hotel with the privacy and security of a home with Combs’ corporate housing.