List of Things to Do During (and After) a Rental Walk-Through, Part I

You’ve finally found the rental home you want to live in, and you’re ready to move in. But before you sign your lease, you need to do a walk-through. Here’s what to remember.

  • Do a walk-through of the actual apartment you’ll be living in, not the model. You need to know what’s wrong (and what’s right) with your potential living space before you move into it.
  • Use your cell phone or a camera to take photos of any visible damage or other problems. Use flash when necessary (or use a flashlight if your flash feature isn’t working). These photos will be proof if and when you decide to sign the lease.
  • Check the front door locks when you’re walking in. If they seem faulty, speak with management and discuss replacing them. Make sure to get a key for each lock. Also make sure the front door is properly sealed.
  • Check the other doorknobs to see if they are indeed secure. They might need to be fixed or replaced.
  • Look for any cracks, holes, stains, dents, chipping, peeling, as well as signs of mold, mildew and other water damage on or in the floors, walls and even the ceiling.
  • Look for proof of a bug or rodent infestation. This includes holes, chew marks and small droppings.
  • Play a little with the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom areas. (You might want to turn on the shower as well.) Take notice of the water pressure, whether or not there is hot water, and any weird sounds coming from the pipes.
  • Flush the toilet in each bathroom to make sure they flush properly and don’t have potential flooding issues.
  • Check the bathroom mirror for any discoloration or cracking, and check to see that the medicine cabinet and any additional drawers open and shut properly.
  • Make sure your kitchen pantry and drawers open and close without any issues.
  • If your rental comes with a refrigerator and any appliances, check each of them out (and turn on if necessary) to make sure they meet your needs and standards.
  • Go in every room and flip each light switch.
  • Bring your phone charger and plug it into different outlets around the rental. Make sure the outlets are working.
  • Make sure your windows have screens. If not, and you choose to move in, screens will need to be put in. Also open and shut the blinds, as well as any and all windows in the rentals. If you can’t easily open or shut a window, it could be a problem in the future, particularly for safety reasons (such as fumes or fire safety).

Moving to Clovis because of PCS Orders? Here’s your guide.

When you get PCS orders, there’s a ton of questions you have about your new base and what the area is like. With multiple military bases located around Clovis, New Mexico, receiving PCS orders that bring you to Clovis is not an uncommon situation. So what can you expect when you move here? Let us answer a few important questions for those moving to Clovis, New Mexico.

  1. Weather

As expected, the weather in Clovis leans on the warm, dry side. During the coldest months, Clovis rarely sees temperatures below 30°F. During the hottest months, temperatures generally don’t reach above 90°F. It’s not quite Florida, but expect warm weather year-round.

Also be sure to anticipate very little rainfall. New Mexico receives an average of 10 – 20 inches of precipitation in a given year, making it the fourth driest state. Compare that to the state-wide average annual precipitation of 30 inches and you can understand the climate well. If you’re coming from another state, check out this to compare rainfall to your state.

  1. Things to do

Within your first week here, you’ll be asking “What is there to do around here?”. You can find a list of activities here if you’re curious about what’s going on in Clovis. There you’ll find museums, zoos, bowling alleys, malls and escape rooms. If you’re wondering what to eat, you can find the best restaurants in Clovis here. You’ll see there is a medley of Mexican, Barbeque, American, Thai and more.

  1. New Mexico laws and culture

Food and weather are only two small parts of life in Clovis. What about the people and the culture of New Mexico as a whole? Both Hispanic and Indian cultures are deeply rooted in New Mexican life. You’ll find these influences in the arts, food and architecture. In sports, look out for the rivalry between the University of New Mexico and New Mexico State schools. If you’re a hunter, you’ll find that hunting game birds is popular in the fall. There’s a lot to discover about the culture of Clovis and New Mexico, but you can start here if you want a comprehensive guide.

If you’ve received PCS orders that are taking you to Clovis, reach out to us at (575) 742-2627 to receive guidance on moving to the area. We have been doing business in Clovis for over 30 years, dealing with many military members along the way.

Home Financing Right Now

Are you in the market for a new home right now? Maybe you don’t even consider yourself in the market to buy because you don’t believe you can get the right kind of financing?

There are credit checks, down payments, varying insurance costs, high loan rates—the list goes on and on.

Combs’ Properties understands how hard it can be for average people in New Mexico to buy a new home. That’s why they want you to buy through them.

There never are huge closing costs. On average, you costs at closing won’t exceed $1,000. When you buy an owner-financed home from Combs’, only a small down payment is required. You could be moving your furniture into a house for as little as $1,000 down.

If you have a credit card you can even use that for your down payment. Or your tax refund. There are many ways to get you the house that you need and want.

Check out some of the properties offered by Combs’ now right now:

Real Estate Myths Exposed

Buying and selling real estate doesn’t have to be a big confusing hassle. A lot of times, people feel overwhelmed because they aren’t aware of certain laws and were taught to believe some things that just aren’t true.

Here’s a quick overview of some classic real estate myths and what you can do to be better prepared:

The listing price is accurate—there’s an old saying, something to the extent of, “the value of something is what someone is willing to pay for it.” So just because a house is listed for $1 million dollars, doesn’t mean it is worth that much.

Check out the values of the properties around the one you are interested in possibly purchasing. That will at least give you a gauge as to what others thought the value was. You can use it as a bargaining tool if nothing else. Offer what you think is fair.

It takes a long time to sell—you can get cash for your property right away with the right company, like Combs’. If you need a quick turnaround time, then getting cash for your home is the way to go.

You lose your equity in taxes—you don’t have to lose what you have built. Invest in 1031 real estate so you can keep your equity.

Home Buying and Selling Tips, Part II

Whether you are buying or selling a home, the process has several steps. But those steps don’t have to result in a headache, leave you in the middle of a bad deal or make you settle on a home you didn’t really want.

It all starts with listing your home. Real estate agents can be helpful, but understand, if you are selling, you will have to pay a commission. A lot of people in New Mexico want to streamline the process and/or keep all of their earned equity for themselves.

If you are having trouble selling your home through a real estate agent or by self-listing online, then consider getting cash for your home. Combs’ Properties pays cash for homes in Portales and Clovis.

Usually, money can be given directly to you within 24 hours, so if you want your home sold right away, consider Combs’.

Do you have investment properties around town and want to get out of that business? Maybe you are moving, what another property or maybe being a landlord just isn’t for you? Combs’ will buy your rental property as well. Single-family homes, duplexes and fixer-uppers—all can be purchased by Combs’.

Another thing to consider is getting the real and fair value for your home. Combs’ can give you a realistic quote that isn’t steered by taxes or commission incentives. Just call 800-898-3043 for your free estimate today.

Best Housing Options in Clovis and Portales, Part I

It doesn’t matter the reason that you are moving or looking for a new place to live—the bottom line is that you will need to find a roof and four walls. In the Portales and Clovis areas of New Mexico, there are many different housing options, depending on your needs and budget.

But beware, not all of the real estate is the same, and even homes right next to each other in the same neighborhood could have different values of thousands and thousands of dollars.

It all starts with what you need. Are you traveling to New Mexico and are only planning on staying a short amount of time? Do you attend the university, have to travel because of the military, are you working at the hospital? Temporary housing is a far better alternative to living in a hotel or cramped unit.

Combs’ properties has the corporate rentals that will make you feel like you are truly home, not on some endless work assignment. When you factor in the total costs, including laundry and the ability to cook, corporate rentals make financial sense as you can save a lot more money.
Are you currently looking to buy a home but you are not sure if you can get the financing you need? For starters, Combs’ Properties can help you with 1031 real estate options. No sense in paying excess taxes when you can put those tax dollars towards your home. Build equity the right way—with the money that you have already made.

Quick Real Estate Tips

There’s one thing they are not making any more of: land. That’s why property is such a huge enterprise, both in the corporate and private sectors. When it comes time to buy or sell a property in Clovis, Portales or anywhere in New Mexico, there are little tricks and tips that can save you a lot of hassle down the road.

It starts with a great real estate agent. Get an agent that you can trust and that isn’t too pushy or worried about their commission. Let them help you with general questions and they should have a great understanding of the neighborhoods.

When you actually start looking for home, the next thing to consider is the age of the home. If it is older, you need to be concerned with the infrastructure. Check the HVAC, plumbing, if there is a well, inspect the water and look at your roof and foundation.

If it is a newer home, consider what company built it and their reputation in the area. Combs’ Properties, for example, has been providing luxury duplexes and townhomes, investments properties and new home builds since 1985. They have the experience and reputation to help you find the home of your dreams.

Once you’ve found it, it’s time to do all the paperwork and close on the property. Read all of the closing documents beforehand, so nothing catches you off-guard. You will also save time and have a better understanding of everything that is being discussed.

Buying a home can be a stress-free process, just put in a little foresight and things will work out a lot better.