Whether you are buying or selling a home, the process has several steps. But those steps don’t have to result in a headache, leave you in the middle of a bad deal or make you settle on a home you didn’t really want.

It all starts with listing your home. Real estate agents can be helpful, but understand, if you are selling, you will have to pay a commission. A lot of people in New Mexico want to streamline the process and/or keep all of their earned equity for themselves.

If you are having trouble selling your home through a real estate agent or by self-listing online, then consider getting cash for your home. Combs’ Properties pays cash for homes in Portales and Clovis.

Usually, money can be given directly to you within 24 hours, so if you want your home sold right away, consider Combs’.

Do you have investment properties around town and want to get out of that business? Maybe you are moving, what another property or maybe being a landlord just isn’t for you? Combs’ will buy your rental property as well. Single-family homes, duplexes and fixer-uppers—all can be purchased by Combs’.

Another thing to consider is getting the real and fair value for your home. Combs’ can give you a realistic quote that isn’t steered by taxes or commission incentives. Just call 800-898-3043 for your free estimate today.