When you get PCS orders, there’s a ton of questions you have about your new base and what the area is like. With multiple military bases located around Clovis, New Mexico, receiving PCS orders that bring you to Clovis is not an uncommon situation. So what can you expect when you move here? Let us answer a few important questions for those moving to Clovis, New Mexico.

  1. Weather

As expected, the weather in Clovis leans on the warm, dry side. During the coldest months, Clovis rarely sees temperatures below 30°F. During the hottest months, temperatures generally don’t reach above 90°F. It’s not quite Florida, but expect warm weather year-round.

Also be sure to anticipate very little rainfall. New Mexico receives an average of 10 – 20 inches of precipitation in a given year, making it the fourth driest state. Compare that to the state-wide average annual precipitation of 30 inches and you can understand the climate well. If you’re coming from another state, check out this to compare rainfall to your state.

  1. Things to do

Within your first week here, you’ll be asking “What is there to do around here?”. You can find a list of activities here if you’re curious about what’s going on in Clovis. There you’ll find museums, zoos, bowling alleys, malls and escape rooms. If you’re wondering what to eat, you can find the best restaurants in Clovis here. You’ll see there is a medley of Mexican, Barbeque, American, Thai and more.

  1. New Mexico laws and culture

Food and weather are only two small parts of life in Clovis. What about the people and the culture of New Mexico as a whole? Both Hispanic and Indian cultures are deeply rooted in New Mexican life. You’ll find these influences in the arts, food and architecture. In sports, look out for the rivalry between the University of New Mexico and New Mexico State schools. If you’re a hunter, you’ll find that hunting game birds is popular in the fall. There’s a lot to discover about the culture of Clovis and New Mexico, but you can start here if you want a comprehensive guide.

If you’ve received PCS orders that are taking you to Clovis, reach out to us at (575) 742-2627 to receive guidance on moving to the area. We have been doing business in Clovis for over 30 years, dealing with many military members along the way.