For renters that are looking to upgrade their surroundings and situation while still maintaining the lifestyle within their budget, Fox Trail Estates is the ideal choice.

There are many reasons why renting continues to be a growing trend. With the market still not yet stabilized, many people are waiting for it to turn around before they make the huge investment. Others are in a state of flux with their employment and career paths and don’t want to get tied into a mortgage right away.

Renting, however, may have a bad connotation for some. They envision apartments that haven’t been kept up-to-date, shady landlords and a lack of a neighborhood feel. There is a better option and it starts with recently-constructed luxury homes that are available to rent.

Fox Trail Estates was created for ideal family and comfortable living. The houses for rent are secluded yet close to commerce and shopping. Construction of the community ended in 2010 and the townhouse subdivision consists of 56 marvelous units. Both the hospital and Eastern New Mexico University are close to Fox Trail.

Depending on your need, Fox Trail has spacious and luxurious two or three bedroom townhouses that are equipped with extras. Enjoy you own private backyard with fencing and you own Jacuzzi tub.

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If you’re going to rent, rent in style and enjoy energy efficiency, a fireplace, oak cabinetry, coffered ceilings, an elegant great room, a nice patio and so much more at Fox Trails Estate.