Congratulations, you’ve decided to sell your home! Whether it’s selling your own home or a property which was left to you, here are some things to consider before you start marketing the house.

It’s really important to take time before you finalize your home’s selling price, if the price is too high, the home will stay on the market for too long, waiting for someone who can afford it. Even if you chose to reduce the price later, it would show potential buyers that the seller realizes the home’s selling price was too high. Advertising too low for your area may also deter or prolong the final sale. If you’re selling your Portales home, the chances are you’re going to want to set the price as high as possible and then negotiate down if necessary.

This might seem like an obviously silly tip, but a lot of people who either cherish their house too much, or are simply not aware of the real value overprice and never sell. Remember that apart from the location, your home selling price is a major consideration in purchasing, no matter how much you love your house set a realistic price.

Some things that might decrease (or increase) your homes selling price:

  1. Location – A home in a desirable area with little or no crime, reasonable traffic to and from and a good school if needed.
  2. House condition – A good maintenance shows that this home is worth being looked at and possibly purchased.
  3. Surroundings – These seemingly miscellaneous issues can be a deciding factor in making a sale, so store the broken down car, mow the lawn, cut the shrubs and make sure the house looks it’s best inside and out.
  4. Extra features – Does your home have a pool or patio? Don’t hesitate in taking them into account when deciding on a price, be realistic, though a dusty, never-used fireplace, no matter how classy, will do nothing to your home value. To help you finish off with an ideal home selling price, some standardized pricing methods have been established. A Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) is ‘a comparison of similar properties in the same general area that compares actual sold prices’, in other words, comparing your house to similar ones in your area to get a rough value.

If you are looking to sell your Portales home please contact our professionals.