If you have never been to Clovis, New Mexico, then you are in for a treat. There are things to do for all ages, single travelers and the whole family.

Residents may have already visited some of these gems lots of times and some may be surprised to learn about them.

For the fans of rock n’ roll history and music, Norman Petty Studios is the place to stop by. It will give you a look into the old ways of recording and producing music, as well as seeing how things compare to the present.

If you like art, then stop at the Blackwater Draw Museum. Amazing extinct creates seem to come to life in this great desert museum.

Animal lovers and those wanting a chance to see some of the exotic, should stop by Hillcrest Park Zoo. The kids will be entertained and there are enough animals to keep the whole family entertained.

And if you are looking to relax and just want a good old time, it’s hard to beat bowling. Stop by Mainline bowl and see how many turkeys you can throw.