There’s no way around it: apartment hunting is tiring. Whether you’re searching in Clovis or Portales, your quest to find the perfect apartment requires a lot of looking, a lot of traveling, and a lot of compromises. If you want to make apartment hunting less of a chore, then you only need to take a few steps. Some of these tips are designed to speed up your search; others are meant to prevent you from making a mistake.


  1. Know your tools

If you want to speed your search up, you need to be aware of the apartment-hunting tools that are out there. If you’re searching online, then is your go-to tool. is easier for narrowing down your specific needs. Prefer a Condo over an Apartment? Need a dishwasher and in-unit washer and dryer? Want an apartment that is dog friendly but not cat friendly? Whatever your specific needs are, has you covered. Take advantage of their 3D floorplans and walkthroughs of select apartments and be sure to look at the reviews of the place you’re looking at. There are over 150 apartments in Clovis and Portales, so you’re allowed to be selective. Don’t forget about using Craigslist, local listings, and your friends to help find your future home.


  1. Know the true costs

When you’re looking at an apartment, the property manager will be sure to tell you your rent and utility costs, but there are always unexpected costs to every apartment. Try asking other tenants what their utility bills are and how much they fluctuate. Ask your cable or internet company if they offer your same service in the potential apartment. Check with your insurance company to see if your renters insurance or car insurance will go up because of your move. Some apartments offer lower prices during the winter, so waiting to move might save you money every month. Look at the local restaurants and stores to see if they’re cheaper or more expensive compared to what you currently live near. It’s not uncommon to find an apartment with lower rent, but a higher cost of living, so be sure to account for those costs that aren’t your rent.


  1. Stay for a night

If you’ve found an apartment that fits all of your criteria and is within your cost range, it’s time to take it for a test run. We don’t mean a small, 30-minute walk through with the property manager in a show unit. Ask the property manager if you can stay a night or two in the apartment you’re looking to rent. You’ll get a chance to test the shower, sinks, cupboards, lights, and more. You’ll get to see what there is to do around the apartment and see what it’s like living next to your neighbors during the morning and night. It only takes one night to find out if your neighbors are too loud or that your shower only has five minutes of hot water. These things tend to hurt even more when you know you just signed a one-year lease.


If you are searching for a new apartment in Clovis or Portales, let us make your search easier. We can find apartments that suit your needs and your budget, saving you the hassle of apartment hunting. Reach out through our online contact form or give us a call at 1-800-989-3043.