There are many options in the Clovis and Portales regions of New Mexico for optimal homeowners insurance.

Once you are in contract to buy a home, it’s time to start shopping for insurance. The regulations and requirements vary from state to state, but more than likely you will need to purchase homeowners insurance.

If you are getting financing from a bank or another financial institution, they will require you to get insurance to protect the loan. In the rare case that you would be paying cash for the property, it is still a good idea to insure your big investment against accidents and the unforeseen.

To find the best insurance rate for your home, begin by shopping around. Just because the bank from where you are getting the loan offers insurance, doesn’t mean you have to get it through them. That can be a good place to start, but then pit their offer against other places.

It doesn’t have to be a long process to get a quote. Email or call, give some information about your home and you should be able to get numbers from numerous companies.

Once you have some numbers, then start really looking at the policy itself. Do you need flood protection, identity theft coverage, do you want a higher or lower deductible? Factor those into the final price to ensure you are getting the best, most comprehensive coverage that fits your needs.