It doesn’t matter the reason that you are moving or looking for a new place to live—the bottom line is that you will need to find a roof and four walls. In the Portales and Clovis areas of New Mexico, there are many different housing options, depending on your needs and budget.

But beware, not all of the real estate is the same, and even homes right next to each other in the same neighborhood could have different values of thousands and thousands of dollars.

It all starts with what you need. Are you traveling to New Mexico and are only planning on staying a short amount of time? Do you attend the university, have to travel because of the military, are you working at the hospital? Temporary housing is a far better alternative to living in a hotel or cramped unit.

Combs’ properties has the corporate rentals that will make you feel like you are truly home, not on some endless work assignment. When you factor in the total costs, including laundry and the ability to cook, corporate rentals make financial sense as you can save a lot more money.
Are you currently looking to buy a home but you are not sure if you can get the financing you need? For starters, Combs’ Properties can help you with 1031 real estate options. No sense in paying excess taxes when you can put those tax dollars towards your home. Build equity the right way—with the money that you have already made.